Companies Are Switching Back to Traditional Advertising Channels!

Get on the Early Side of the Trend

with Radio Advertising!


You’ve heard me rant about the fact that digital is burning people out with too much advertising! Here’s more proof in the proverbial pudding today. Marissa Koslov from is sponsoring a live webinar on January 25, 2023 at 2pm EST. You can find it if you want to attend (or catch the replay) at

The important facts to know about this webinar is that it is discussing the factors that are driving the shift of marketing and advertising dollars BACK to “brick and mortar” again! But the webinar talks about why brands are bringing more and more advertising and marketing attention back to brick and mortar channels.

Who is benefiting from these shifts? The thing to note here is that there are webinars talking about traditional media and why they should have a percent in those advertising channels! Do you think it’s a good time for you to start your own broadcast radio advertising program? It’s easy to do. You don’t have to have a lot of meetings to get it accomplished!

Simple tracking systems of 800 numbers and landing pages, pixel codes and API keys can still be used if you want to stay digitally complex in your advertising. But like my boss used to say for years, the true test of advertising is, “Did the door swing and the cash register ring?” ARE YOU READY TO MAKE CASH NOW? That’s the beauty of radio. It’s almost instantaneous and there’s not a lot of tech meetings required to get a radio advertising campaign up and running fast!

Yes, the true test of advertising is “Did the door swing and the cash register ring.” Of course today we can spice it up with, “Did your shopping cart abandonment rate go down and your bank account go up?”

What do you think of the changing digital advertising today?

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By Sean Pearce and Pete Miller


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