The Emotional Connection of an Ad Spot

Does My Radio Ad

Emotionally Connect with My Audience?


Every generation grabs onto a commercial and either makes fun of it or celebrates it. When I was young man in the 70s, there was a TV commercial for Pepto-Bismol. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” The commercial was about people overeating and saying to themselves, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” It was done in such a funny way poking fun at the various overeating situations that we can get into and anybody could identify with that ad. In the 70s, It became a joke with comedians and actors and everyday people alike.

An even more famous ad that aired on TV in 1964 was during the Barry Goldwater – Lyndon Johnson presidential campaign. President Johnson had an ad that became the most controversial ad ever and it aired only one time! The man that created it was Tony Schwartz, an audio file genius out of New York. Maybe you remember it if you’re old enough, or maybe you’ve seen it in historical presentations. It was an ad that had a little girl picking daisies and plucking the petals and counting down backwards from 10 and then halfway through an announcer voice like a space ship controller from NASA continued the countdown and then an atomic bomb explosion went off. All the while a quote from Mr. Goldwater was appearing and it made him look extremely bad! It certainly made an emotional connection with voters! It was a landslide. Johnson carried 44 states – Goldwater only 6.

Many say this is the first negative political ad in America. This ad aired only one time on nationwide TV and was so controversial that it aired again and again on the news. There was no Internet back then so to go “viral” like that was quite impressive!

Many ads today are available to watch on YouTube like Dr. Squatch soap or the insurance ad with “Adam and Eve” – super funny! People emotionally connect with these ads. If you don’t emotionally connect with people just like in real life, then they won’t remember who or what you are.

This is certainly true for radio ads also. The words that are used, the voice tha is employed, the music bed and/or sound effects must evoke real feelings in your listeners! So the biggest mission of any ad campaign should ask, “Does my commercial spot emotionally connect with my audience?”

You need to let go of your preconceived notions about what connects your clients emotionally to your products or services. A real in-depth and honest look is required to make sure that you are actually touching on the emotional reasons why people buy your products or services. It will be very revealing and hard to do because we are always defending our company. You’ve got to let go of those preconceived notions and ask a dozen people if your message resonates with them. If more than half of them say, “Yes,” then you can move forward on the idea and develop it further.

But why spend thousands of dollars on a media buy to place your ads all over the place when the ad sucks? Other people might not tell you it sucks but that’s because they are employed by you and they don’t want to make you mad or don’t want to offend you. You need to find people who have no interest in you and do not care what you think and get their opinion about the ad. That’s what we do! We write a script and we get a focus group to study it and then we take it out to the streets and see how people react to it. Then we can make the ad and put it on the radio and know that we’re going to have a good chance at great success!

You have to dig in deep and ask people questions about what they think about your product, what they think about your past advertising, what they think will motivate them to buy your product now. Talk to your sales people and ask them why people bought your product or service. If you’re the only sales person, give an honest answer and you will reap the Golden Radio Ads reward of a viral ad!

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by Sean Pearce and Pete Miller

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