Is Radio Here to Stay?

Should I be Investing in Radio Advertising Right Now?


Do you know that roughly 156 million people ages 18 and up (roughly around 63% of US adults male/female) are listening to AM and FM radio daily! They listen for tons of reasons but the best information is that the heaviest listeners to the radio are usually the most open to taking action on the advertising messages or spots that they hear!

Per the oldest Internet marketing research website,, next year “audio listenership will be expanding as more listeners tune in to radio formats.”

Of course this topic is very near and dear to our hearts here at Golden Radio Ads! But the fact of the matter is that about 15 years ago radio saw a slump in ad revenue and listenership. But since that time, because of podcasting and broadcast radio, it is now reaching approximately 88% of Americans each week! So is radio here to stay? Well, let’s look a little further.

Radio was once assumed to be on the way out as a form of entertainment and information. But the truth is that the radio industry is having a major resurgence! And now the world’s biggest tech companies are investing in radio advertising and radio station purchasing!

So radio is going to play yet another major role in America because of the tech industry. Why? You’ve seen the tech media articles themselves, right? Let’s look at some of the reasons that big tech has to choose radio communication right now. You’re jammed inboxes on your email. Need I say more? Is there anybody reading this that can say they don’t have too many emails coming in?

What are some of the things that are making digital advertising a rough go right now? For one, the elimination of third-party cookies. Facebook is giving away information to research companies unbeknownst to their users and other situations too numerous to list right now. Anyone with eyes to see will admit that fraud is rampant all over the Internet. Now fraud protection services are making a lot of money because of it! Maybe you should consider radio as a source that can’t be messed with, digitally speaking.

How does radio’s resurgence and growth play into your marketing plans? If you’re looking at digital programs nowadays you have to spend about 30% more than your budget to ensure that your digital ad program actually will work! This can be easily proved by looking at the various Click Guard, or Click Defend type companies that are out there to ensure that your programs actually are not clicked on by robots and destroyed by your competitors. Radio advertising is a smart choice now and moving forward into the future.

A good plan for expanding your brand is to consider regional remnant ad campaigns. Remnant ads are unsold ads that sell for a fraction of the normal price per spot. With your existing spots you could launch within 24 hours and within 72 hours have a good indication of results with a wide enough remnant ad campaign plan. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more.

For launching a product or service, remnant campaigns would not be a good idea but you can start off with one station and experiment with your commercial advertising spot and your offers and see what needs to be adjusted before you launch with a larger pattern of radio stations. The beauty of radio is that you can instantly turn around and be using that same successful ad on other stations with small modifications to your radio commercial spot, and grow your advertising ROI extremely fast!

Remember that the commercial spots are the first thing they hear and it’s the easiest thing in the world in radio to change that spot as often as needed. And how often should your radio advertising be changed?

As often as need be to make sure sales and leads soar! Radio has low or next to no cost in commercial ads post production. Compare that to television. Or compare that to the cost of building a landing page and other digital email programs. The truth is that it costs thousands of dollars to set up and have your digital programs ready to perform properly. Radio does not have that kind of a cost. So radio makes the most sense for a startup company because you can change your mind often!

Radio is here to stay! And you should get on board with the world’s most reliable broadcast delivery system… the radio airwaves!

If you need some help in getting your radio ad campaign media plan done or if you want to talk about radio advertising in general, give us a call at 800-208-7154 or fill out the contact form.

by Sean Pearce & Pete Miller

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