Radio Ad Forum


Help with Making Your Ad

If you don’t get the information you need from our blogs or videos, we can consult with you over the phone, or Zoom or whatever your favorite video app is. The cost is $250 for a one hour session with Pete and Sean. You will come away with many ideas, a script outline, and many helpful links to online resources for recording and completing your radio broadcast ad. All the information you’ll need to get your ad campaign going!

We Make the Ad for You

You’re busy. You have a business to run and we can make the ad for you. If you’d like us to handle all or part of your ad production in script writing and voiceover work, give us a call and we’ll get a quote to you within 2 business days from your initial contact. It’s radio and moving quickly is part of our business! Our quotes in this area can range from $200 for a quick fix to an existing ad spot or up to $1500 for a new, high-end spot with voice over actors. Ask about our many packages. These give you three ad spots that are either connected or entirely separate in their themes. It’s great to have a series of ads so that you can determine which one works the best or if all three are needed to complete generating the action you need.

Get Your Ad On the Air

“One station or the nation!” It’s what we like to say. It doesn’t matter if you want to place your ad on one station in Sparks, Nevada or on one station in Los Angeles, California or on one station in Buffalo, New York. We can get you one station in any area in the US! Whether its across a large region or across the entire continent! Give us a try and we will surprise you with a speedy and accurate quote of rates from the stations themselves. You can also ask for a media kit from the station which will help you understand the station’s demographics and geographic reach. Give us a call today at 800-208-7154!