Will the Digital Snowstorm Get Worse?

Is it Time to Double Down on Digital Advertising

or Simplify?


There’s no question that digital advertising is a vital part of any modern businesses’ digital marketing plans. But have you noticed that the complexity of digital advertising and results are not like what you expected?

Per eMarketer.com, modern advertisers need to refocus their efforts in these tough economic times to come up with more content and more programs that are relevant minute by minute to what your customers are looking for! They also talk nonstop about all the changes that are coming with digital advertising in 2023.

What they mean by that is that Google will no longer allow websites to use third-party cookies after December of 2023. They’ve been threatening this change for three years but now it’s finally coming. What it means to you is that you won’t be able to track people’s personal search habits across the Internet anymore.

If you have relied heavily on third-party cookies as part of your advertising, you’re going to be in a world of hurt this year. Google also has said that if you use AI or computer generated content (in the wrong fashion), you’re going to be penalized. In fact, Google started penalizing people already since August, 2022!

Maybe you’re redirecting your efforts on focus groups within your company and/or other means to meet the ever-growing, modern customer expectations. Or you’re just not sure where to focus your money, so you’re reaching out with further email campaigns and social media advertising in an effort to make up for the lost ground caused by the economic slowdown that we all are facing. But you’re finding out like my former boss loved to say, “It’s a digital snowstorm out there!”

Maybe it’s time to consider adding a broadcast radio advertising program back into your mix. Or maybe it’s the first time that you considered radio. If so, you’re going to be able to easily advertise to 83 million Americans over the age of 18 that listen to radio every single month!

Unless you want to deal with taking the time and spending money on your employees figuring out social media advertising and why it’s not working, or email campaigns that are constantly threatening your website security by having you blacklisted, or maybe the fact that Google is now on the verge of delisting your website so that none of your customers can find you because you have too many “AI Content” holes to fill in.… Whatever it may be, if you’re looking to simplify advertising this year, add radio to the mix and you will not be sorry!

Depending on what kind of business you have, you can change your advertising spot very quickly in order to gauge customer reactions and to increase your response rates from your advertising. You don’t have to have a huge corporate meeting to figure out why there aren’t 14 IT guys coming up with brilliant advertising ideas and getting your doors to swing or your cash register to ring!

Maybe instead of trying to figure out what’s going to work in this digital snowstorm environment, you should try to simplify your marketing approach this year and add in local, regional or national radio to your mix!

The beauty of radio is its instantaneous nature of delivering results. It’s also very predictable as to when you share your ads because people have set patterns that they have been following for years. There are new, young listeners coming to radio for the first time because they are tired of the myriad of choices with digital whatever.

We think it’s time to pick up some easy pickins from advertising in a “down market.” Advertising in a down market is beautiful for establishing yourself in your market for years to come. Many companies did that during the great depression and they were household names in the later 30s, 40s and 50s. Wheaties, Arm and Hammer, Ivory Soap, to name a few.

So unless you have a boatload of time and a mountain of money to figure out new marketing schemes in this down market, then we suggest you give broadcast radio a try! It’s easy to roll out to new stations without much hassle.

You can record your own voiceover or have the radio stations do it for free. If you need to elevate your message and reach audiences with a professional voice, it is simple and easy to do and does not take a whole action committee assigned by you with the hope of cutting through the digital blizzard that’s out there. Like my boss used to say, “Digital advertising is beautiful like a snowflake! But when the beautiful snowflakes start piling up and coming down in a flurry it’s nothing but a snow storm!”

Clear the weather in your advertising department and keep it simple. Use broadcast and/or digital radio! Give us a call and we will show you how. We can help you with script writing and we have a resident voice over pro ready to help. Or record your own ad spot and give us a call and we can place it for you.

Call us at 800-208-7154 or fill out the contact form.

by Sean Pearce and Pete Miller


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